People are stressed.

Work. Family. Kids. Friends. Extracurricular. Community. And more…

Sometimes it seems like too much.

However, the only thing that stresses people more than their work… is keeping up with their work.

Does your time management stress you out?

Structure or Stress?

I often see people whose organization (or attempt thereof)  has taken over their lives.

They spend more time trying to be organized than they do being organized.

“The best time management system is the one that you forget about.

It becomes effortless and part of your daily activities and habits.”

Time management is supposed to simplify our lives.

Yet, many people cite their time management as a part of their stress.

Too Much Organization

Too much extra effort… too many tools… too much planning.

Is your time management too complicated?

  • Too Much Effort – Does your system take so much extra effort that it becomes a chore in itself?
  • Apps With Too Many Features – If it takes you 17 steps to record a task, that is too much. You have seen the apps that have more options than the control panel of a commercial airliner.
  • Systems That Are Too Complex – Some of the most popular time management systems are so complex, they require a flowchart to explain. And then, I constantly read about people “falling off the wagon,” only to try and get back on. Simply put, they are non-sustainable.
  • Techniques That Are Not Life Oriented – Time management should fit into our daily lives. After all, that is what it is truly about: life management. Yet, many tools and systems are not flexible enough to be used in our work and home lives.
  • Busy But Not Productive – If your system is all about getting everything done, instead of the important, then you will find yourself burnt out. Endlessly spinning your wheels trying to accomplish things that may not have been worth doing in the first place.

Effortless Time Management

Your time management should be effortless.

It should ease your burden, not make it worse.

Time management should be a part of your life, not something you have to constantly get back on track.

Question: Is your time management system part of the solution or has it only added to the problem? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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