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Fresh and Easy and Hill PHOENIX Collaborate on GreenChill Platinum Store in Folsom, CA - March 15, 2012 by timemanagementmum

FOLSOM, Calif., March 14, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Hill PHOENIX, a designer and manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment, and Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market are pleased to announce the grand opening of a new GreenChill Platinum Award-winning Fresh & Easy store in Folsom, California. GreenChill is an E.P.A. Partnership with food retailers to reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease their impact on the ozone layer and climate change.

A typical supermarket in the U.S. uses approximately 3,500 pounds of refrigerant. The Fresh & Easy Folsom store uses just 70 pounds – a 98 percent reduction that earned it GreenChill’s highest award.

“Environmental responsibility is part of our DNA. We’ve made a commitment to invest in sustainable technologies from the start,” said Steve Hagen, director of procurement and engineering at Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market. “Using new natural refrigerants puts Fresh & Easy on the forefront of sustainability our industry and ultimately makes these emerging technologies more cost effective for everyone.”

“The Folsom store is a fantastic example of the innovation that can be accomplished when government works together with businesses in a voluntary partnership to protect the environment and save money at the same time,” said Deborah Jordan, Director of EPA Region 9′s Air Division. “We are proud to be involved in this very successful project.”

Fresh & Easy’s Folsom store features Hill PHOENIX Second Nature(R) medium temperature fixtures and walk-ins running on glycol and low temperature fixtures and walk-ins running on C02. Glycol and C02 are environmentally friendly, natural alternatives to harmful HFC refrigerants.

“Fresh & Easy selected a Second Nature Compact Chiller system that effectively eliminates all HFCs from the store’s refrigeration system by using medium temperature glycol to condense the low temperature CO2. This is typically achieved with an HFC refrigerant,” explained Henry Pellerin, director, marketing programs for Hill PHOENIX. “The Folsom Fresh & Easy is the only store in the nation, to date, that uses this innovative type of system.”

Hill PHOENIX Second Nature Compact Chiller (SNCC) is the most environmentally friendly system available in the industry today. SNCC utilizes a unique heat exchanger technology that allows engineers to design a typical medium temperature supermarket system with the lowest refrigeration charge of any commercial refrigeration system on the market. As a result, retailers like Fresh & Easy can achieve a sustainable zero leak rate. SNCC is comprised of multiple compact chiller modules. Each module is a standalone refrigeration system and is completely factory-assembled, charged and run-tested prior to delivery.

GreenChill’s Store Certification Program is the only certification program in the nation that focuses on greener refrigeration. The Program’s chief goal is to reduce refrigerant emissions from supermarkets that damage the Earth’s protective ozone layer and contribute to global warming. A pound of leaked refrigerant can cause more global warming than 2000-4000 pounds of carbon dioxide.

About Hill PHOENIX:
Hill PHOENIX Inc., a Dover Company, is based in Conyers, Ga. The company designs and manufactures commercial refrigerated display cases and specialty products, refrigeration systems, integrated power distribution systems and walk-in coolers and freezers. Visit or call 800-283-1109 for more information.

About Fresh & Easy:
Fresh & Easy opened its first stores in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada in 2007 and set out to change the way consumers shop by making fresh meals and groceries more affordable and accessible. The company expanded into Northern California last year and now has more than 185 stores.

On average, Fresh & Easy stores use 30 percent less energy than a typical supermarket, which helps the environment and saves customers money. Fresh & Easy uses LED lighting in external signs and freezer cases, offers customer recycling in every store and uses advanced refrigeration and freezer units to cut back on energy usage. The company also recycles or reuses all of its display packaging, sending the majority back through its distribution center.

For more information about Fresh & Easy, visit .

News Source: Hill PHOENIX :: This press release was issued on behalf of the news source by Send2Press® Newswire, a service of Neotrope®. View all current news at: .

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captcha sniper discount was simply too easy in the past, however now its impossible - March 8, 2012 by timemanagementmum

Often even though one thing looks high-priced doesn’testosterone necessarily mean it’ll cost which you bundle. When it comes to manual captcha solver job sidestep, there are lots of prices that you can note that will automatically become from your budget. This kind of doesn’capital t signify it is possible to’big t manage this not should probably it subscribe to the college associated with belief that almost all guide book captcha solver job bypass is expensive since which’azines not absolute.
Permit’azines take a look at the thing fractional laser treatments will and the way any handbook sort varies by reviewing the fx peers. It is the majority broadly labeled as challenging reaction examination utilized to be certain that this particular resolution can be produced with a man or woman but not one more personal computer. A number of the first sorts of captcha solver job had been created with a altered look at with the text to become moved into. This has been before long deciphered through the consistently creating technologies.
Greater complex training had been developed along with introduced a better price tag with them. At the degree, it absolutely was not just a fantasy regarding captcha solver job and value at the same time contest might travel the charge down within the not far away potential. The goal would be to obtain a technique for letter or possibly digit coming into that essential a human slot and in addition disheartened grinding bot connection using websites and it was obviously a aim that’s satisfied.
Along the way, unfortunately, it turned out learned that deciphering it then got turn into setback for most people. Crowding together emblems altogether to create segmentation confusing furthermore got solid for lots of people to help understand and also not possible for some people to be able to appropriately think of. Options websites that may engineering and more sites adding it to their sign up as well as go functions, guide captcha solver job was created in the must present users together with limitations a method to continue to connection the skills these individuals considered necessary.
Sometimes known while human being solvers, guide book captcha solver job avoid won’t rely on laptop computer software to complete the task and in addition reposition the person to the next level. This particular gives people on the need to devastate this particular fairy tale concerning guide captcha solver job bypass higher prices feeling ordinary. Right now, this crucial bypass companies was created using low-cost strategies planned. No matter if you have to one,500 captcha solver jobs bypassed, 250,thousand captcha solver jobs bypassed price ranges get droped significantly.
One of the most both competitively price tag captcha solver job get around program is actually affordable with regard to any type of cover fees starting under .005 pertaining to 55,500 captcha solver job personally sorted simply by personal solvers, not only a pc. These kinds of highly qualified data authorities frequently are made round the clock, seven days a week so that your captcha solver job requirements are conformed while they happen.
The majority of solutions are usually attainable for five for you to 16 secs additionally the high quality amount doable is no lower than 97% exactness. Because of prices this unique low, there’s no query it’s a fable which to get use of exceptional captcha solver job avoid applications without having spending a king’s ransom. More to the point, the value almost daily folks invest trying to amount an expression or possibly going to a new web site is invaluable to your organization whether it’s connected with marketing and advertising perhaps a various type of service given.
Many avoid companies offer examination company accounts, iMacros, .Internet, C#, Caffeine, PHP, API and also gathered DLL down loaded at the Chemical++ section. Whichever foreign languages liking along with cost factors, there’s probable a plan program that you’ll locate really acceptable at the cost of a little time and also research to perform the necessary study.
Wear’t hurt your pocket book needless staying in high in price guide captcha solver job bypass because the the fact is that you use’testosterone really need to use a lot of money to get the top quality human dependent service provider support as well as assist that the market usually requires. A person’ll end up being delighted you took the time.

For more information, visit captcha solver job

Easy Ways To Fix Xbox Red Ring Of Death Fix Through Videos - February 25, 2012 by timemanagementmum

Nothing would probably get your goat more than being on a critical stage in your game and then it hangs! You check the unit to see what happened and see three little red rings near the power button. You reset the console but it is still there. This is known as being affected by the rings of death. Many Xbox players and owners have encountered this, and like you will need an Xbox red ring of death fix.
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Personal Development Tips That Are Easy To Do - February 1, 2012 by timemanagementmum

When bettering yourself, you must focus both on what is best for you and what will be of benefit to those around you. Balance is important between self-esteem and reputation, so keep in mind what you’d like to think of yourself and what others think of you. We’ve provided you with some ideas on how to grow as a person below, that we think will help you with this balance.

Want to know more about the magic of making up, then read the advices below now.

A good self help tip to combat anxiety is to go to a small get together with friends. This is like a low key party, so you will be able to socialize and get comfortable around groups of people, but you should not get overwhelmed as there are not too many people there.

Since emotions are rather automatic and not something we chose, they can seem mysterious. However, they can be understood in a rational light for improved personal development. For instance, feelings of happiness are a signal that you have achieved a personal value. Sadness is a sign of loss. When we analyze our emotional states we can decipher the internal language of emotions.

If you have made plans to improve your life, then do your best to stick to those plans. Have a system in place that will keep you on track to your goals. If you let yourself be distracted, you will jeopardize your ability to reach your goals. Even if you have setbacks, make yourself stay on track instead of deviating from it.

Like you would with any other goal, try setting a schedule for working out. A good weekly schedule can keep you on track and keep you from forgetting or having to reschedule your weekly routines. This is also a great way to stay motivated and reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

To be on a path of personal development means not leaving things to chance. Don’t let yourself blame the universe for what happens. Take control of your life and you can choose what your life will be like. In every situation, you have the choice on how you will react, so make the right choice, starting today!

Take responsibility. Don’t make excuses – take responsibility if something goes wrong. That way, you put yourself in the position to correct or change things. Taking responsibility has great benefits: you can assess a situation and take the steps to alter things that aren’t contributing to your personal success. Also, don’t forget to take credit for the good things that happen in your life!

Stay focused. It’s easy to get distracted from goals by life events and circumstances, but if you stay focused on your goal, you will reach your goal no matter what. So many people let their dreams fall by the wayside. Don’t let that happen to you. Keep your focus at all costs.

Be willing to acknowledge the things in your life you want to change before starting on a quest for personal development. Identifying the areas of your life you wish to change is the cornerstone of effective personal development, whether it is aspects of your career or parts of your personal life.

As you are on your journey to bettering yourself and your life, remember that all things take time to accomplish and that shortcuts are temporary solutions that will not get you to where you want to be. Relish the time you spend making changes to yourself, and soon enough they will be a constant part of who you are. Patiently fulfill your true potential.

Going down the path of self help for depression, you must keep your mind in a pleasant state and avoid being brought down. You should focus on the things in life that you get enjoyment out of and surround yourself with people and things that are positive. Remember that there is happiness around every corner.

With regards to personal development in the professional field, be sure that you always arrive to work on time. This is important because not only is this one of the easiest things you can do, but it is also one of the most obvious ways that you can show your devotion to your workplace and improve your well-being.

When it comes to personal development be sure that are gracious for all there is to be gracious for. This is important because if you do not give thanks, than you are not truly showing appreciation for all that is good around you. This will bring you joy.

Expose yourself to twenty minutes of sunlight upon awakening each day. By doing this, you will help to regulate your brain chemistry and release mood enhancing chemicals into your body. People need regular exposure to natural light in order to function optimally. An alternative to natural sunlight is to purchase a full-spectrum lamp that should provide some similar benefits.

Over the course of our lives, our goals naturally change. Achieving those goals, however, can take us down a road that we never thought we would be traveling. This article might better prepare us for the changes, when the path forks and we have to make a choice.

Want to get back your ex fast? Then read up more about how to win your ex boyfriend back now.

Self-Improvement Index

Leadership Coaching – The Easy Way To Find A Leadership Coach Who Will Create Effective Leaders - January 17, 2012 by timemanagementmum

What’s the simplest way to decide upon a leadership coach who will use his/her leadership coaching skills to develop the leadership qualities of the leaders in your organisation?

A few years ago one of the major energy companies decided that they would invest in leadership coaching. Their Human Resources department prepared an intensive job description for coaches and invited several coaches to apply to work with them on an independent basis.

The specification was really detailed and had manifestly been prepared using guidelines supplied by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. It rambled on for one or two pages asking heaps of queries about development qualifications, insurance, health and safety compliance and experience. Very few of the most experienced coaches in the country troubled to complete the blueprint or sign up for the job.

The reason we failed to apply was not one single query about results or achievements.

Leadership is about getting a team of workers to a defined target. The results of a good leadership coaching programme will be manifest in the behaviour of the leaders who attend the training and in the final results that their groups achieve. This is achieved by developing the leadership qualities of the team leaders on the training.

Think about this – there are thousands of sports coaches who are highly qualified working in all the different leagues. But there are only a few working in the top league. Even fewer still are winning trophies. Only the top-flight win trophies and accolades season after season.

To get the highest standards out of your managers you require a leadership coach who is a definite winner. Only a coach who has proved time and again that he/she’ll deliver results should be trusted to deliver your leadership coaching training programme.

When you’re looking out for a leadership coach to develop your leaders all you have got to look at are the results that coaches have realized. Read leadership coaching testimonials on LinkedIn or on coaches ‘ web sites. Talk to leaders who’ve used leadership coaches to develop managers in their organizations.

Leadership coaching is as much of an art as it is an ability. It takes experience to develop that art to the highest level where the leadership qualities of your leaders can be brought into play for the benefit of your organisation.

Leadership coaching and writing have been a major focus of David Ferrers’s work since 1995. The coaching testimonials of notable front runners in major firms of the stature of Dell, GM, J&J, P&O, RBI, The Cabinet Office, Defra and Yves St.Laurent demonstrate manifestly what David’s talents can do for you.

Self-Improvement Index

Traveling Made Easy among a Notebook Laptop Backpack - October 22, 2011 by timemanagementmum

Traveling with a laptop is just part of the everyday practice these days. With production professional going from one city to the next and transportation their work back and onwards to the office a good notebook laptop backpack is an essential. Students in high school and attending colleges and universities must have this tool obtainable for taking notes and maintenance up with homework. TAGS: laptop backpack, Travel Backpacks
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Great Recommendations For Easy House Changes - September 22, 2011 by timemanagementmum

The existing fiscal predicament is making it tough to acquire a mortgage. Also along with the work opportunities market becoming unstable, lots of people have decided to remain where they are and improvement their residence rather than moving.
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Rolling Briefcases for Easy Travel - October 23, 2010 by timemanagementmum

For all those who detest traveling, especially for professional purposes, with all the files, folders and laptops, rolling briefcases are an innovation to be thankful for. Rolling briefcases are medium sized professional carry-cases, which can be of polyester or leather or even be hard bodied. TAGS:
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Online Membership: How to Make It Easy and Successful - August 30, 2010 by timemanagementmum

The success of your online business relies mostly on its website and its overall effect to a visitor. When your site is not attracting too much attention for over a year now, it is time to give it a new look so that members will notice the online membership you are offering. This may not be achieved at once but for sure, you can have a couple of signups that could lead to future business transactions.

A More Organized Webpage Layout
So, first examine your site and draw out your first impressions from it. Does it look convincing? Is it too crowded? The webpage layout matters a lot in attracting visitors. You have to brainstorm for highlights of your website and how to present them artistically. Should the membership form be seen immediately in the user interface? Or should it be seen after a visitor navigates from one important page to the next? Generally, the layout should provide a smooth transition from one page to the next so that visitors will not get bored easily.

Professional-looking Colors
The webpage color scheme is also said to affect a visitor’s decision to sign up for an online membership or not. Bright colors arouse a visitor’s attention but it should go well with the overall website presentation and product intent. Too much graphics in your webpage may confuse your costumers and may let them think that you are not serious with your product, too.

Helpful Articles
Aside from your website’s looks, also work out for more relevant web content. Visitors would love it when they can get more information in your website. Before they sign up for an online membership, they would like to read related articles that may not be about your product but will give a costumer some tips for him/her to arrive at a good decision. The articles may also provide useful links for a fruitful online search.

Honest and Sincere Words
While looking at the site, visitors cannot help but notice your words. Simple and honest words have been proven to persuade them. Try not to sound exaggerated or demeaning other product’s reputation and instead, try to be neutral and more focused on the good things that a costumer gets for their membership. Also, keep a portion of your site for testimonials. Other people’s testimonials would create a good effect in your page.

Evaluate your website now and never be afraid to make the necessary changes. If you need help, there are always web developers who can guide you. Remember to exhaust ways for an online membership to be noticed. It is only then that your online business gets more costumers and earns.
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