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Top 5 tips for experienced bloggers - January 22, 2012 by timemanagementmum

The American Resident


It's a kaliedescope–kind of like all our blogs together, aways an interesting mix.

I’m joining one of clever Kate’s listography’s this week and offering up my top 5 tips for bloggers (pop over to Kate’s for many more tips). Yes, I’ve done blogging tips before, and I’ve just given you some ideas for your About page (so, have you jazzed up that About page yet?) but this is a slightly different list of tips–it’s for people who are more experienced. Or perhaps ‘intermediate bloggers’, is a better decription of the ideal audience here.

And then no more blogging tips for a while because I know that’s not everyone’s thing.

1. Help newbies.

Some people call this Paying it Forward. Some people call it Karma. I call it Being Nice. I do it because it feels good. I like helping people. And I know how it feels to struggle in a blog jungle and how nice it was when a more experienced blogger stepped in and said, ‘hey, try it like this and see how that works for you!’

The internet is not a dog eat dog world, it’s a place where the successful people are the one’s that help others.

2. Stay brave.

In the early days of your blog you were brave just by stopping by someone else’s blog and saying ‘hi’. As someone who has been blogging a while now, you’re comfortable, getting a bit set in your ways and you have your routines because that’s what you’ve learned works. Every now and then just push yourself, be daring, do something a little bit different with your blog. Get a new header, change your blog theme, save up for a designer, if you’re anonymous become known, host a big giveaway, challenge yourself to find 20 new readers this month–do something that you wouldn’t normally do. Add a bit of sparkle to that routine!

3. Do a regular audit.

If you’re an intermediate to experienced blogger you’re probably pretty clear about your niche, your audience, your social network platforms, your plans for the future with your online branding… no? Then it’s time to do an audit of your blog and your social networking.

Try using an anonymous poll to see what your readers think, what they want more of and what ever else you want to know about the readers’ experience with your blog.

Look at your stats to see what posts are popular, what time of days are peak times, what days of the week are busiest, etc. The general advice on stats is to not over analyse them or look at them too much, but a regular audit is a great reason to spend a little bit of time on them. Both Google Analytics and Statcounter combined are best for an overall big picture.

4. Keep up to date.

Do a bit of refresher reading about updates on G+, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, FaceBook, Twitter, Quora… are you using them as effectively as you can? Perhaps some are better for spreading info about your blog than others.

Keep reading the big sites like Mashable and Problogger to stay informed about upcoming changes in social media or other relevant areas.

5. Remember the golden rule? It was written for the internet.

Seriously. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. If you’ve been doing this a while, you might be really busy doing many things, you might not have time to do a lot of ‘sharing the love’ but don’t forget this golden rule or you’ll start sliding backwards. That’s just how this online world works.

If you want people to reTweet your posts, then RT others. If you want people to comment on your blog, comment on theirs. If you want good information for a task you’re working on, then help others when you see someone posing a Q on Twitter. If you want people to be friendly, welcoming, interested in what you have to say, then be friendly, welcoming and interested in others. You don’t have to be good at your numbers to understand this equation.

Happy blogging!


The American Resident