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Why You Ought To Use Pre Spun Articles For Your Article Advertising And Marketing Efforts - March 27, 2012 by timemanagementmum

Article marketing is something that people have been using for an extremely long time since it is among the easiest ways to end up building traffic and links for your website. Something I ought to mention however is the fact that this is additionally something which can wind up taking a lot of time if you would like to do it properly. There are needless to say certain things which can help you decrease the length of time needed when it comes to your article advertising campaigns. Using pre spun articles is just one of methods a large number of people are utilizing these days and here we are going to explain why this is such a time saver

A long time ago all individuals would have to do was to create an article and submit it to multiple directories to be able to get back links and drive traffic to their web sites. Quite a lot of you have heard about the duplicate content rule, and for people who have not you should realize that links that are in identical content won’t be counted for ranking your site. Due to this a lot more people have been turning to article spinning in order to produce unique content to ensure that all of their website links will end up being counted. Many individuals are now creating pre spun articles in order to get the unique content they need, but you ought to understand that you could also purchase these instead of producing them yourself. Before you decide to go for motor insurance cover, you must check us out to know more about Article marketing.

Generating spin ready articles yourself isn’t as simple as you may be thinking and you’ll see that it will add hours on to the process of writing articles. If you’ve already been looking into generating your own spin ready articles I am sure you have found that there are a number of different software’s available on the web to help you with this. Some of the software’s available will in fact be able to spin the article for you saving you hours of time, although these software’s will normally wind up creating gibberish that individuals can’t read or understand. There are high quality article spinning software’s out there that don’t spin automatically, nevertheless they will have the ability to help you produce these manually without using up as much of your time.

Another benefit of using pre spun articles is that there’s a lot of software’s currently available that you can place this article into and submit different versions to various article directories. So when you incorporate a spin ready article along with an article submitting software, you’ll have the ability to build large amounts of website links that actually count in a very short period of time. Going for car insurance policy? Do a basic study on building link and it’ll be beneficial in the long run.

Something you ought to be aware of is that you do not actually have to produce these articles yourself since you can actually find different services which sell these kinds of articles for article marketing. In order to use the least amount of time necessary and to get the best results as you possibly can, you are better off buying these articles and utilizing them with your software. If you are not yet one of the individuals using spin ready articles I know you now comprehend why this is something which can be very powerful.

B2B Marketing Strategist Dawn Westerberg to Present on Google+ for The Association of Strategic Marketing - March 12, 2012 by timemanagementmum

Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLCAUSTIN, Texas, March 8, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — B2B Marketing Strategist and President of Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC (, Dawn Westerberg will be presenting “Adding Google+ To Your Marketing Mix” for members of The Association of Strategic Marketing on Thursday, March 15, 2012.

“Google+ promises some intriguing possibilities for B2B marketers,” said Westerberg. “When you take into consideration that Google and YouTube are the number one and number two search engines, making content available on Google+ only makes sense.”

Westerberg believes that the integration between Google+ and other widely used Google applications, services and tools such as Gmail, Google Places, Chrome and Blogger, to name just a few, create a convenient and powerful platform for B2B marketers and business.

About The Association of Strategic Marketing:
The Association of Strategic Marketing ( is a training and development website for Marketing professionals. Association of Strategic Marketing provides unique up-to-date Marketing training through audio conferences, webinar and articles.

About Dawn Westerberg Consulting:
Dawn Westerberg invites business owners to “fall in love with your business again” through a sound marketing strategy that drives results and profits. Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC assists companies in developing marketing plans that take full advantage of online and traditional marketing to create lead demand from ideal prospects.

An Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Consultant – – Dawn is a frequent speaker at conferences throughout the country on the topics of marketing, social media, online presence, and blogging. She publishes a blog on B2B Marketing at and is a contributor at the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant’s blog. With headquarters in Austin, TX, she serves customers in the United States and Canada.

News Source: Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC :: This press release was issued on behalf of the news source by Send2Press® Newswire, a service of Neotrope®. View all current news at: .

Send2Press Newswire

End-of-the-World Prices from Clients of G-Man Marketing - February 8, 2012 by timemanagementmum

G-Man MarketingLOS ANGELES, Calif., Feb. 7, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — With the end of the world scheduled to take place later this year, G-Man Marketing ( is partnering with its clients to offer special reduced rates in public relations, songwriting, audio mixing and mastering, radio advertising, graphic design, live music promotion, music distribution, and more.

“No matter how the world concludes this year, whether from Galactic Alignment, the Mayan Calendar, Nostradamus, or some cataclysmic combination, we will all be there for you with special reduced rates on the services you will need to get your business started again,” states John Scott G from G-Man Marketing.

In a promotional event called “Lower the BOOM on Prices,” G-Man Marketing and their clients “will work with anyone who can read this without mocking it too much,” G says. “We feel that this promotion is cause for celebration, not derision. We’re treating it as the penultimate event in the new century,” G continues, “which is why it will run from the end of the world all the way through to the end of the year.”

Among the offers that will apply from December 21 to 31, 2012, are the following: G-Man Marketing will provide public relations services for free. (a service of Neotrope®) will disseminate the media announcements for free. Country artist Sandra Piller will sell her album at half price. Country songwriter Jane Bach will co-write a song for free. Matt Forger will mix and master a song for one-third off.

Sheena Metal, host on LATalkRadio, will create a radio commercial for your product. In addition, her Carnyville live music event will let your band play two sets for free, “even if all your fans have expired,” notes Ms. Metal.

Goodnight Kiss Music is offering half off music consultations. Robin Hood Music offers free song downloads. Phil Hatten Design will create a logo for free. FookMovie will create a free music video. And a spokesperson for Golosio, the music publishing firm, says “We will pitch your song to whatever film and TV projects are still available, although they probably will just be basic cable.”

Some restrictions apply. “First, the world must actually come to an end on or about December 21,” G said. “Second, you’ll have to figure out how to get in touch with us during the ten days in question because we’ve had no assurances from the phone companies that they’ll be doing anything at that time except figuring out how to charge you for unused minutes.”

For more information about all the firms and individuals in this story, please contact John Scott G of G-Man Marketing. “Please remember,” G states, “the world may end but good hype is forever.”

- Photo Caption: John Scott G, of G-Man Marketing; photographed by Phil Hatten.

Media Contact:
John Scott G
G-Man Marketing

News Source: G-Man Marketing :: This press release was issued on behalf of the news source by Send2Press® Newswire, a service of Neotrope®. View all current news at: .

Send2Press Newswire

Advertising Network Marketing on the Net Correctly - January 19, 2012 by timemanagementmum

It’s completely simple to build a website nowadays with WordPress. WordPress was at first created for the needs of blogging, but many people realized speedily that a WordPress blog can be employed as a fully functioning website, on which you can include a blog capability or not. Comments can be turned off, if you should happen to feel they won’t be necessary, or you just could not be arsed.
I Do Articles

How To Gain Several People With The Use Of Internet Marketing Like - November 12, 2011 by timemanagementmum

In the last issue of Facebook for Business we talked about how to create a page for your business on Facebook. For this issue, we will talk more about attracting new customers for your business through Facebook.
I Do Articles

Web 3.0 Real Estate Marketing 101 - September 16, 2011 by timemanagementmum

In the world of Internet marketing, the phrase ‘Web 3.0′ is nothing new. Although many have been using this already, we have only been using this universally way in late 2008 and early 2009. This word was actually coined by John Markoff of the New York Times in 2006 to mean “a supposed third generation of Internet-based services” like those using semantic web, micro formats, natural language search, data mining, machine learning, recommendation agents, and artificial intelligence technologies that emphasizes machine-facilitated understanding of information so as to provide a more productive and intuitive user experience. Everybody is excited about this including real estate professionals who are still enjoying the benefits of Web 2.0. However, we can’t get away with the fact that many people are still clueless as to what this term means in relation to marketing homes. Generally, Web 3.0 is used to describe the stage that follows Web 2.0 that also follows Web 1.0. Since these terms play a very important role in all types of online business including real estate, an average person must be able to understand the terms mentioned.

You can take the example of personal web pages hosted on free hosting services when talking about Web 1.0, which is the first stage of world wide web linking web pages with hyperlinks. Blogs nowadays are dynamically generated along with social networking profiles like Facebook and Twitter allowing visitors or readers to comment on posts which is actually available only in Web 2.0.

While Web 1.0 is regarded as content web, Web 2.0 is the social web. The Internet is now best known for its social nature because of the web services like Facebook, Youtube, Skype, Flickr, online banking, commenting sites, intranets, and a whole lot more. Opportunities to distribute and share texts photos, videos and more is involved in Web 2.0.

Reed Hastings, founder and CEO of Netflix defined Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 in November 2006 at the Technet Summit in this very simple way – “Web 1.0 was dial-up, 50K average bandwidth, Web 2.0 is an average 1 megabit of bandwidth and Web 3.0 will be 10 megabits of bandwidth all the time, which will be the full video Web, and that will feel like Web 3.0.”

Web 3.0 is places greater importance on content relevance by location and time. Handheld data-enabled phones like iPhones and other smart devices will build the intimate connection between the real world and the Web. For real estate professionals, Web 3.0 means GPS-triggered directions for the location of a property as well as capture, instant uploading, tagging and mapping of property photos from phones to the Web like and by extension, Google Earth, instant messages, email marketing for new property listing and a whole lot more.

When social Web 2.0 services is combined with Web 3.0, real estate professionals will have the opportunity to market their Algonquin Illinois Homes and engage with potential clients all over the world on a variety of devices anywhere, anytime.
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Social Media Would Be The Newest Thrill Term From The Marketing Meeting Place. There Seems To Be Completely New Internet Sites Popping Up Every Day, A Few Under The Niche Markets Or Organizations. - January 22, 2011 by timemanagementmum

Modern day market has unveiled completely new capabilities to a countless number of people. The world wide web and website marketing is among the most best venues available for fresh business.

Take into consideration that range of sales from merely the 400 million people on Facebook alone. There is always sure to be 30,000 people or even more that are looking for to obtain that interesting item. We all hear the poor to rich testimonies of a few. How can they complete it, how may you do it. Ive been envious of those successful users who had created fortunes. This is an opportunity to promote an item or services and do not have to touch the goods. Absolutely no pick and load up, no transport and no customer care. It is all dealt with via the supplier. Offer far better answers, something different, tips, tricks or techniques. Affiliate Product Sales enable you to promote then sell somebody elses products or services for the cut of the profit. All the affiliate products and programs while advertised correctly with a proven target audience will pay you sufficiently.

Youll find hundreds of page tactics, so pick one to start with and discover how to utilize that strategy before adding any other types. Youll probably need understand how to setup sales letters, e-mail marketing, opt-in forms capture webpages and Seo.

Consider it, if you could sell an .00 unique awesome merchandise and generate .00 for every sale, how many will you have to sell to match your current cash flow?

Social Media is the most recent buzz word within the marketing meeting area. There appears to be new social networking sites appearing daily, some using the niches or organizations. The conclusion personally was I needed to modify my way of thinking from cozy to moving out of my comfort and ease zones and into absolutely new sectors. Contacting people I couldnt know for guidance and ideas. Precisely what built them into different than me; nothing truly. Earliest I commenced asking questions and digesting articles about website marketing and internet-based firms. Method, system and personal improvement were my main emphasis then and still is right now. Ones own possibilities are countless and also I want to help empower you and other people to perform the same.

None of those new skills are hard plus they are risk-free. Persistently centered effort wins the profit. Go after the web opportunities. Ask more queries and much better queries.

Absolutely everyone that has a position is in least somewhat concerned or else very nervous regarding the probability of losing their particular careers . Business people are equally as nervous about keeping to doors open and not having to downsize to discourage a financial failure. Now, this very moment there are 1 billion folks online, just how many will need a stapler ? You get my point; it could be real easy complete a fantastic lifestyle on the internet.

A persons outcomes hinge on several aspects used without problem for your famous Yahoo and google Slap or being blocked by other individuals. The amount to cover and just how much to budget is an issue for the next day.

In this article unfolds the really hard component. You will need to learn how to promote your product or service. Learning how to promote goods was not natural for me. I want to to check them and grow into an experienced on it. Open the mind and tune in to your answers. They may be coming. Look for the resources which will provide you with the coaching for that advertising methods that make sense for your merchandise.

Fb, Tweets, Youtube and the selection goes on and on. Correct usage of social networks is vital towards your success. How you act and also interact can indicate failure or success on the program.

Search engine marketing or Website Placement is really a real answer to find the search engines to list your products up front each time a search is carried out for fantastic services.

Self-Improvement Index

How You Bring In Site Visitors And Clients Is More Than Simply Setting Up A Post. A Hassle-free Program To Formulate For Highest Results. Ppc Or Pay-per-click Advertising And Marketing Is Known As A Tried And True Web Marketing Strategy In Promoting A Certain Item Or Market. - January 6, 2011 by timemanagementmum

Facebook, Twitting, Youtube and so the report continues on and so on. Proper usage of social networking sites is vital to your achievement. How you act along with communicate means failure or success on this program.

My questions began to get more certain over the next few weeks and that i observed myself listening for this resolutions. They will came in strange methods and via unpredicted people and occasions. You can find true ways to producing with objective, keywords and phrases and also a call to action. Where you can publish your articles or blog posts is dependent upon your desired final result. Perform a little research, investigate the competitiveness and boost alternatively content around. Approach, tactic and personal advancement were my main focus then and still is currently. Ones own choices are endless and I wish to help encourage you and other people to perform the same.

Everybody having a occupation is at least slightly concerned or even very nervous regarding the probability of losing ones own projects . Entrepreneurs are simply just as anxious about keeping to doors open while not having to downsize to prevent financial failure. I have only talked about one or two tactics however there are numerous to think about. An individuals secret weapon to success, to look at your potential into your own hands, is to start right away.

Your online promotion financial success is dependant by the guidance you receive from the pros. Blogs offer a lot of chances to your internet business. They are often a website on hypermode.

Social Media could be the most recent buzz phrase in the marketing meeting area. There seems to be completely new internet sites showing up each day, some within the niche categories or communities. The internet is getting in touch with us. Perhaps you have had felt pressured to trade something on ebay or Craigs list? Lets say youd a distinctive product, creation or area of expertise you could possibly target people via the internet access? All the Paid advertising ads on the side bar of ones search web browser is surely an appealing position for a lot of todays online users. There exists a cost to market and along with excellent copywriting abilities, the cost is out weighed because of the effects. Mastering new options and ways of earnings generation. Becoming more valuable as a person as well as an entrepreneur. When you have decided you want to pursue an online business; finding a product or service to sell certainly is the next step.

There are so many likelihood of things; they dont really even have to always be yours. You simply need authorization to resell a persons solutions and agreement for being paid commissions with regard to marketing. Have you been thinking about another job, a new enterprise or reinventing your current site organization. Many of us are feeling the economical force currently. You have the power to add brand new content typically as you like. There are ways to construct income emails, capture pages, opt-in forms and downloads. Information sites offer a exclusive social media by permitting comments along with readers. An important website can be quite a area of the hyperlink juice to your key enterprise internet site.

Article Marketing can be a fine method too. Become the creator you generally dreamed of being. You can give attention to item niches, services, ideas and anything you want to market. How you attract customers and customers is much more than simply making a post. A simple program to formulate for optimum capabilities. Pay per click or Pay-per-click marketing is a tried and true online marketing strategy in promoting a selected merchandise or niche.

Plan to choosing a stride at one time everyday. Every single day take action that moves you nearer to providing your product or service to everyone. You can do this. An strengthened web marketing program with certain tactics, constantly executed will assist in creating the comfortable lifestyle you would like in your web business. Too many irons inside the fire will only dilute and lower your earnings. Therell be plenty of time and adequate possibility to incorporate several tactics. Act currently and each day, your success is inescapable. Learning about the way you use key terms, blog posts, and posts about your product or service. Get the word out in several user discussion boards and people that speak about distinct merchandise.

Self-Improvement Index

Artists and Internet Marketing: a Conversation with Mark McGuinness and John T. Unger - October 8, 2010 by timemanagementmum

Drawing containing the words: The market for something to believe in is infinite

Drawing by Hugh MacLeod

My recent article Why Artists and Creatives Have an Unfair Advantage at Internet Marketing turned out to be one of the most popular things I’ve ever written at Wishful Thinking. So if it touched a chord with you then you might like to download the hour-long podcast interview I recorded with John T. Unger, in which I expanded on the opportunities and pitfalls of internet marketing for creative people.

I’ve never met John in person, but due to the wonders of modern communications I’m pleased to count him among my friends. Read my interview with John T. Unger over at Lateral Action to learn about the amazing business he’s built himself as an artist, sculptor and ‘impossibility mediation specialist’ leveraging the power of the Internet. His podcast blog Art Heroes Radio is essential listening for 21st century artists, and I was delighted to join the panel of experts he’s interviewed about the business of art and the out of business.

In the course of the interview, we cover topics such as:

  • why artists are resistant to marketing in general and marketing themselves in particular
  • why we are scared of selling out or just plain scared
  • the pain of trying to balance time spent on marketing with time in the studio
  • why it’s no good just posting your artwork, writings, videos etc. and hoping this will magically lead to fame and fortune
  • practical tips on things like like using a professional blog platform, getting people to subscribe and writing headlines that get your work noticed

The audio file is free to download and share, so do forward the link to any of your friends who you think would benefit from it.

The Creative Pathfinder - your free 26 week creative career guide

Wishful Thinking

Why Artists and Creatives Have an Unfair Advantage at Internet Marketing - August 13, 2010 by timemanagementmum

Cartoon: Him - I don't know whether to be a millionaire or an artist. Her - Can't you compromise? Become a millionaire artist or something?

Drawing by Hugh MacLeod

If you’re an artist or creative person of any kind then ‘creating’ is a lot higher on your list of priorities than ‘selling’.

One of the great joys of pursuing your creative passion is the sheer pleasure of writing, painting, making music, acting, taking pictures or whatever you do — without any ulterior motive, and without needing to show any kind of ‘return on investment’. You do it because you love to do it. Amen to that.

On the other hand, even if you don’t want to be a millionaire, I bet you wouldn’t mind a little fame. Not vulgar Hello! Magazine celebrity, but maybe the respect of your fellow artists, and some critical recognition. A few adoring fans probably wouldn’t hurt either.

You don’t have to be rich as well as famous, but all of us have bills to pay, so I’m guessing you wouldn’t mind earning a decent living from your creative work. Getting paid to do what you love has to be one of the greatest gigs on earth.

We are now living at a time of unprecedented opportunity for artists and creative professionals. Once upon a time, if you wanted to get your work in front of an audience, you had to submit it to an editor, agent, manager, curator, talent scout, whoever. A gatekeeper who had the power to open the gate and usher you through, or slam it in your face.

They called the shots, so when they said “Jump!” we jumped — and when they said “10%” we agreed to 10%. What else were we going to do?

Now, the Internet gives you the chance to gatejump, to build your own platform, find your own fans and sell your work directly to them. And it won’t cost you a fortune. Most of the software and tools you’ll need are either free or very low cost.

And that’s not even the really good news — it gets even better …

Your Creativity Gives You an Unfair Advantage

One of the biggest trends in internet marketing at the moment is something called content marketing. In a nutshell, it means creating and giving a way original media content that doesn’t look like marketing — but functions like marketing.

For example, Matthew Inman creates hysterically funny cartoons and gives them away for free on his website The Oatmeal. And because they are so cool and funny, lots of people send their friends to look at them, via Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. When you visit his site, he offers to send you more cool cartoons for free. What’s not to like? I’m just one of thousands of people who have signed up for his free cartoons.

As a result, Matthew has a mailing list of people who want to hear from him. He also has a shop on his website, where you can buy posters and mugs of his cartoons. And he has a book coming out soon. Not everyone who visits his site or signs up for his mailing list will become a customer — but enough of them do to create a nice income stream for Matthew. So Matthew gets to be a professional cartoonist, his website visitors get a good laugh for free, and his loyal customers are even more thrilled with their purchases. Win-win-win.

Not only that, but people like me, with audiences of our own, start doing his marketing for him, by writing about his website and recommending his stuff.

Is Matthew highly creative? Yes. Is he generous? Yes. Does he have a smart business strategy? You bet.

Matthew understands the fact that what people are looking for online is original and remarkable media content. In his case, he’s producing entertainment. But others have succeeded with art, news and particularly education. He is a visual artist, so obviously he uses images. But others are using text, audio and video just as successfully.

You see, even when Matthew gives away his cartoons for free, he’s not really giving them away for free. He’s giving them in return for visitors to his website and subscribers to his mailing lists. In a nutshell, he’s giving his work away in return for attention. Now that he has an audience paying attention, he’s in a very strong position to sell products, services, advertising or whatever else he wants.

Matthew’s success (ahem) illustrates one of the central paradoxes of Internet marketing: the less your media content looks like advertising, the more effective it will be as advertising.

If he had started a website that was nothing more than an advert for his books and posters, how much traffic do you think he would get? Not much. But because he is giving away something genuinely valuable and making it easy for others to copy and share it, he’s created a business that virtually markets itself. Welcome to the future.

In my own case, my business was transformed the day I added a blog to the Wishful Thinking website. Before that, I had a nice-looking brochure website that told people what a good coach and trainer I was — and which hardly sold a thing. When I started the blog, my website traffic took off — and so did the new business enquiries. My version of content marketing is to write educational articles with practical tips for creative people. Over the last four years, this has become my main source of new business, and has led to some amazing business opportunities I’d never have dreamt of when I started out.

Internet marketers have known about content marketing for years, and some of them really do earn millions of dollars a year with little more than a laptop, a network of trusted associates, and some very large mailing lists.

Nowadays, companies in all kinds of industries are starting to cotton on to the fact that they need to start thinking like media companies, and producing original articles, videos, podcasts, educational resources and news updates, if they want to command attention and generate online buzz and business.

And you know what? Lots of them are tearing their hair out. You don’t go into the frozen food business because you want to work in media. But now they are faced with having to create entertaining and engaging media content, or be left behind.

Even their marketing departments are confused. Remember the paradox: the more your media content looks like advertising the less effective it will be as advertising. If you’ve been working in a traditional marketing department — categorising and ‘targeting’ people and treating them like ‘consumers’, bombarding them with advertising and marketing-speak — this is a hard lesson to learn.

You of course, don’t have that problem. Creating original, engaging, remarkable images, sounds, text, music or video is what you do best. You’re already a one-person media company. Even if you hate the very idea of marketing, you should know that when it comes to Internet marketing, your creativity gives you an unfair advantage.

If you’d like to know what you can do with that advantage, read on.

Option 1: Build Your Own Audience

The first and sexiest option is to do what Matthew did and build your own audience online, creating a remarkable website that you love to work on and people love to visit and tell their friends about.

If you do this smartly, it means other people will send you potential customers, you’ll be found easily on the search engines and you will gradually build up mailing lists of fans who are prepared to pay good money for your work. Kevin Kelly famously estimated that a creator needs only 1,000 true fans to make a living via the Internet. The number obviously varies depending on what you are saying and how much you can charge for it, but the basic principle still holds.

This is the route chosen by artists Natasha Wescoat Hazel Dooney, Hugh MacLeod and John T Unger, graphic designer David Airey, musicians Steve Lawson and Tobias Tinker, craft artist Emily Martin and writer Justine Musk.

If you’re reading this thinking “That’s all very well for those people, but I work in such a non-commercial medium that I can’t imagine earning enough money from it”, then hold that thought for a moment. For one thing, who would have thought that solo bass playing could be the foundation of a viable career?

And for another, even if you would struggle to earn a living from your primary creative passion, maybe there’s something related to it that could provide you with a viable and fulfilling business.

For example, I write poetry, and not even the trendy hip kind of poetry at that. Old-fashioned stuff like sonnets, blank verse and sestinas. I’m not banking on it making me a millionaire any time soon. But I’ve discovered that people are willing to pay me to teach them about creativity, productivity and other professional skills for creative people. The result is that I love my work so much that it doesn’t really feel like work. And thanks to the wonders of content marketing and the Internet, I even love the marketing side of things.

What could be more fun than writing about your favourite artists, writers, films and rock stars? Nice work if you can create it — and I’m glad I did.

Option 2: Partner with Others

Remember those company owners tearing their hair out at the prospect of having to start producing media content? To them, it’s a nightmare — but for you, it’s an opportunity.

You have the ability to write the articles, draw the images, record the music and produce the videos they need. What’s to stop you teaming up with them – to help them create the online presence they need, and to allow you to learn a decent living doing something you enjoy?

I’m not suggesting you go out and start composing odes to frozen peas. (Not unless it really blows your hair back.) Pick a company you really admire, whose products or services you use and recommend. Have a look at their website — how does it compare with Matthew’s? Could you help them do better? Can you see yourself writing about them, or building them a website, or helping them make educational videos that genuinely help their customers? If so, what’s to stop you getting in touch with them?

I’m not talking about freelance gigs either. You have an unfair advantage, remember? That’s worth more than an hourly rate. Look for companies who are willing to partner with you, for a share of the profits or even a stake in the business. That way you reap the true rewards of your efforts, and both of you have a real investment in making the venture a success.

Have a look at the English Cut blog. It’s written by Savile Row tailor Thomas Mahon. When he started it, he was in need of new clients. Now he has a long waiting list of people who want to spend thousands of pounds on one of his suits — which he attributes directly to the success of his blog.

Now have a look at the Stormhoek wine blog. Stormhoek is a small South African winery, which was in need of new customers before it started the blog. And thanks to the blog and various other initiatives, its sales have skyrocketed in the last few years. And for some reason they’re doing very well in places like Silicon Valley and Texas.

In both cases, that “some reason” is cartoonist Hugh MacLeod. Not only does he run his own successful business by his Gapingvoid website, he’s the mastermind behind English Cut and Stormhoek’s online marketing. He showed them how to use blogging to command attention and attract new customers, and it worked out very well for all concerned.

I also use partnering in my business. As well as running Wishful Thinking, I’m a partner in Lateral Action with Brian Clark, one of the most successful Internet marketers on the planet, and Tony Clark, who is also Brian’s partner on hugely successful ventures such as Teaching Sells and Third Tribe.

Now why would a couple of ‘big shot’ American entrepreneurs want to partner with an introverted poet from England? One reason is that I love writing about creativity, and I’m prepared to write and edit the Lateral Action blog which powers our content marketing strategy. Meanwhile, they get to work on the bits of the business they love doing. Win-win-win again.

Here’s the Bad News

You knew there was some bad news, right? Whenever I run my workshop on Web Marketing for Creative People, I can sense people getting excited when I tell them about the opportunities of the online world. But it’s not long before someone raises their hand and asked the following question:

But doesn’t this take an awful lot of time?

And the answer, of course, is “Yes”. If you really want to succeed online, it will take a lot of time. Let’s face it, if you want to succeed at anything worthwhile, it’s going to take a lot of time.

If you feel discouraged by that, think about how you feel when somebody admires your skill at writing, drawing, playing music or whatever. “I’d love to be able to do that,” they tell you, “but I bet it takes a lot of time to learn, right?”. And what can you say?

Of course it takes a lot of time — but you do it anyway, because you love doing it, and because you want the results it gives you. You know there are no shortcuts, but you’re happy to accept the challenge.

Finding and nurturing your thousand true fans is hard work, make no mistake. It takes a lot of time, not to mention creativity and sheer persistence. Only you can decide whether the potential rewards are worth investing your time and effort. Or whether it would be easier to go the traditional route, and catch the eye and win the favour of the gatekeepers in your industry.

Technically, it’s not rocket science but there is a bit of a learning curve involved. You can get help with that, but unless you already an active internet user, you’ll need to be prepared to learn a little about the technical side of things. I should point out that I’m not a programmer or web designer. I am a wordsmith and a ‘people person’ with a background in psychotherapy, coaching and training. If I can do it, so can you.

Probably the biggest hurdle for many creative people is the very idea of putting yourself out there and selling things. You might worry that it feels like ‘selling out’. Or that it’s just plain scary. I’m afraid I can’t sugarcoat this bit: if you want to earn a living from your creative work, you need to learn how to sell.

Even if you opt for employment, you’ll still need to ‘sell’ yourself to an employer, and ‘sell’ your work to your manager, your teammates and your clients. If you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur, you’ll have to takeaway those inverted commas and learn how to sell full stop.

On the plus side, if you adopt the content marketing approach, you get to produce fabulous work that functions as advertising because it doesn’t look like advertising. Which makes it a hell of a lot more fun to create. :-)

“OK, Where Do I Start?”

“Build it and they will come” is a nice idea, but even in the brave new world of the internet, I’m afraid it’s a myth. There’s more to content marketing than simply posting your pictures or writings on a blog and waiting for the world to beat a path to your door.

If you really want to succeed using your creative talent, you need to combine your natural creativity with knowledge of what really works in online marketing, so that the time you spend creating and publishing content online becomes a worthwhile investment.

The first thing you should do is download Brian Clark’s free e-book Authority Rules: the 10 Rock-Solid Elements of Online Marketing and devour the contents.

And if you want an in-depth guide to using the internet to build a business around your creative talent, I’ve created an e-learning program in Creative Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with Brian Clark, Tony Clark and Sonia Simone. Sign up here if you’d like to be first to know next time the course is open to the public.

What Do You Think?

Do you agree that artists and creatives have an unfair advantage at internet marketing?

Have you successfully used creative content to promote your business?

If you haven’t started internet marketing yet – what’s holding you back?

Mark McGuinness is a writer who has been coaching creative professionals since 1996. If you’d like more articles about creativity and business, sign up for free updates via e-mail or RSS. And for bite-sized inspiration, follow Mark on Twitter @markmcguinness.

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