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Video: Creative Presentation Skills Training - March 2, 2012 by timemanagementmum

Presentation skills training video recorded at Speaking Out

If you’re a creative professional, it’s not enough to have sparkling ideas, or even to turn them into amazing work.

At some point you have to stand up in front of an audience and persuade them of the value of your creativity.

Many people shy away from presenting, or grit their teeth and try to get through it. But if you do this, you’re missing an opportunity to make a big impact – and have a lot of fun in the process.

My own attitude to presentations was transformed when I started to treat each presentation as a creative project in its own right – not just an add-on to the ‘real’ work. When did this, I found myself enjoying the whole process, and actually looking forward to presenting.

And the ability to deliver a range of different types of presentation – training workshops, conference speeches, new business pitches, webinars, e-learning modules and a TV documentary – has opened countless doors in my career.

In this video, recorded at a Speaking Out event at the University of the Arts, London, I explain the principles of Creative Presentation Skills, including:

  • The power of prehistoric PowerPoint
  • Why presenting is in our DNA
  • What we have forgotten about presenting
  • How to structure a presentation so that you (and your audience) remember it
  • The magic of storytelling
  • Why you should forget about trying to be confident

(If you’re reading via email, click here to see the video.)

I was invited to speak by Laura North who runs Speaking Out, and is doing a fantastic job of help people become more comfortable and creative at presenting.

If you’d like me to speak or run a workshop on Creative Presentation Skills for your organisation, here are the details.

How Do You Feel About Presentations?

Is presenting something you enjoy or dread?

Which live speakers have you most enjoyed listening to? Why?

Any tips for injecting a little creativity into a presentation?

Creative Presentation Skills

Wishful Thinking

San Bernardino County Youth Training Program to Be Used as Best Practice for Industry - February 17, 2012 by timemanagementmum

Workforce Investment Board of San Bernardino CountySAN BERNARDINO, Calif., Feb. 16, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The U.S. Department of Labor Employment Training Administration selected the San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board Summer Youth Employment Program to participate in a study of youth training innovators. Findings of this study will be used to inform workforce investment boards nationwide of best practices.

The study investigated how youth were assisted in San Bernardino County after the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funded 2009 Summer Youth Employment Program ended. During the program, the Board paid the wages of nearly 2,000 youth in the region to gain work experience in the industries they were interested in. Participants also received soft-skills training and mentoring to help them find jobs and succeed in those positions.

After the ARRA funding ran out, San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board used its regular funding streams to continue the training of older youth in the program and mentored them through its three Employment Resource Centers.

San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board’s 2009 Summer Youth Employment Program has since received seven national awards.

Mathematica Policy Research conducted the independent study for the Department of Labor. The San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board is one of eight sites studied.

“The youth who participated in the 2009 summer program were given an opportunity to gain work experience and learn valuable life lessons,” said Josie Gonzales, Chair and Fifth District Supervisor. “Many of the youth remained with their employers or enrolled in vocational training institutions and colleges.”

The San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth Program is a year-round program that gives eligible youth access to services designed to increase educational opportunities, develop better job skills, explore career options, develop leadership qualities, participate in adult and peer mentoring and counseling and obtain valuable work experience.

Students in the program receive career counseling, reading and math remediation, tutoring, alternative secondary schooling, vocational training, leadership development and job placement. They also complete workshops that teach work readiness, problem solving, life skills and computer literacy.

“The key to the success of this program is that students receive intensive follow up services and many come to our County’s three Employment Resource Centers to find jobs,” said Sandy Harmsen, executive director of the San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board. “This program is aligned with our county’s vision to develop a vibrant economy and skilled workforce.”

To learn more about the San Bernardino County WIA Youth Program, call or visit one of the youth providers listed at .

About the Workforce Investment Board of San Bernardino County:
The Workforce Investment Board of San Bernardino County is comprised of private business representatives and public partners appointed by the County Board of Supervisors. The Board strives to strengthen the skills of the County’s workforce through partnerships with business, education and community-based organizations.

The Workforce Investment Board, through the County’s Economic Development Agency and Workforce Development Department, operates the County’s Employment Resource Centers (ERCs) and Business Resource Centers (BRCs). The ERCs provide individuals with job training, placement and the tools to strengthen their skills to achieve a higher quality of life. The BRCs support and provide services to the County’s businesses including employee recruitment.

News Source: Workforce Investment Board of San Bernardino County :: This press release was issued on behalf of the news source by Send2Press® Newswire, a service of Neotrope®. View all current news at: .

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Tracking Down The Best Adobe Photoshop Training Resources - November 29, 2011 by timemanagementmum

Adobe Photoshop training can be a great tool to learn all there is to know about Photoshop. Photoshop has a lot of different functions and capabilities but you may not know how to use the program properly. There are many different versions of Photoshop, for amateurs and professionals, and training can be found for each type of software.
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How To make sure your company get the best Winter Driving Training - October 26, 2011 by timemanagementmum

To boost your driving abilities during wintry conditions enrol on an advanced coaching course at the Donington Park Grand Prix circuit. While you’re there taking winter driving training lessons why not also make full usage of the superb facilities such as the meeting rooms, Donington Park Grand Prix museum, the launch pad and very much more. Regardless of what your company or non-public budget there'll be a driving package that can be arranged online or by phone, to suit you. Here are a few of the driver training courses which appear on the net menu:-
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Basic Fundamentals Associated With EMT Training As Well As Work - September 26, 2011 by timemanagementmum

Everyone’s virtually all seen an EMT or perhaps Unexpected emergency Medical care Technicians in motion, if in person or within the media. Are going to those which overcome a turmoil along with Paramedics. This type of folks may effectively also acquire training throughout some other sort of areas such as police force or perhaps fireplace preventing, however it is not necessarily consistently the situation. Whenever these are typically about the view of your crash, the actual Emergency medical technician is certainly without an uncertainness crucial throughout finding out the person’s situations, stabilizing in conjunction with acquiring the victim, along with carrying anyone to the best healthcare capacity. Most stages associated with those forms of work requirement affiliates to work in most kinds of climate. All of these jobs are intense, demanding the right amount of rounding about, as well as holding involving huge lots. Employees are usually vulnerable to different styles of practical injury, as an illustration reading impairment as a result of sirens, lumbar troubles from your training, and also getting transmittable illnesses. Almost all operate weeks could be produced in excess of 40 a while and a substantial amount involving predicaments will incorporate Twelve hour perhaps shifts. A terrific Emergency medical technician had been through numerous degrees of Emergency medical technician training and contains numerous accreditations. Numerous start off while First Responder or even EMT-Basic. A most like the folks that are qualified that you can respond to this disaster message or calls along with proceed just about any people for the care ability. Added Emergency medical tech training lets them become the EMT-Intermediate. More training and also testing helps these folks to develop to acquire a Paramedic. After they achieve the penetration of your Paramedic, they’re permitted to present prescription drugs and even more certain tests from the discipline. These types of tasks might go for a Flames crew, a Authorities split, some sort of medical facility, or even a privately owned ambulance business. A high school graduation graduating diploma or degree is important to get accredited within the EMT training examine study course. Lots of classes are completed by the local community college or university. Numerous classes are important, and get an EMT-Basic you will have to complete a practical and also published examination dictated from the govt or NREMT, your National Registry connected with Unexpected emergency Physicians. Virtually all says call for some form of licensing, even so it can differ among states. Income of folks utilizing EMT training selection subject to wherever they’re situated and what kind of training they’ve became. Last year the typical spend have been about . 00 each one hour. This is a very exciting task that is definitely forecasted to keep growing and will be economic downturn proof inside approaching years.

Self-Improvement Index

Certified Nursing Assistant Salary – Extra Training For Extra Pay - August 18, 2011 by timemanagementmum

Certified nursing assistants are the healthcare professionals who’re precisely involved with the sufferer and also their standard task is to produce the mental and physical well being of their patients. These kinds of healthcare professionals verify the essential signals of the affected person plus they are also responsible for nourishing, washing, maintaining track record regarding [...]
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Time Management Training: What is it? - November 21, 2010 by timemanagementmum

What exactly is time management training?

Typically, time management training will involve a range of tools and learning of new skills which can be beneficial in helping you to manage your time more effectively. You may learn about planning, goal setting, delegation, organizing, scheduling, and prioritizing.

Time management training courses can help individuals and organizations to manage their time and resources, therefore ensuring effectiveness and productivity. Business time management training can assess the way your company runs and monitor time spent. Then recommendations can be made on how to streamline efforts. Individual time management courses generally teach people skills and provide tools for the person to assess their own current management skills and implement more efficient methods.

Time management training courses are specially designed for businesses to manage both individual time as well as the time for the whole team. Prioritizing tasks is a large method taught in these courses and more effective methods of communication between team members can also be identified.

After completing the time management training, participants should be able to identify areas where they can improve productivity. They will also be able to determine potential circumstances which may hinder progression and how to avoid or limit these circumstances.

Key elements for successful time management training courses include:

  • Identify time constraints and possible solutions
  • Determining time value and ways to save time
  • Discovering how to spend time on most important and profitable activities.
  • Organization and maximizing productivity.
  • Delegating tasks and determining which activities to say “no” to.
  • Prioritizing and valuing urgent, important and unimportant tasks
  • Setting and managing goals

What should I look for in effective time management training?

There are many time management training courses and providers available. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to find good training in your area. Make sure to research credentials and qualifications from any trainer to determine if their background and training will fit your particular needs. You may also request client testimonials and case studies from a provider. With the number of training programs available, prices can vary widely as well as the amount of time spent in the training. Making a list of the things you wish to accomplish from your time management training will also help guide you to the provider who can best fit your desired outcome.

Time Management